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I will copyedit your book, your speech, your annual report—anything that you’ve written that needs to be perfect.

I will make sure that all spelling and grammar is correct—and I’ll make suggestions as to usage as well.

People often say that public speaking is the number-one fear they have. I take the fear out of it by writing a speech for you, based on your input, that will be clear, precise, humorous or serious—and will sound like you and be in your voice.

I’ve done it all—and can do it all for you.

Brochures, flyers, letters, direct-mail, point-of-purchase material, print ads, radio ads, TV ads, feature articles, press releases, white papers and annual reports.

I take what is a very difficult situation and work with you to make it a lot easier.

Having a well written eulogy takes almost all of the fear out of the process and guarantees success.

I've written 3 novels and 3 memoirs.

I've had 18 productions of full-length plays—2 of them off-off-Broadway and the others in Massachusetts, upstate New York and Los Angeles.

All of my books and plays are on Amazon.

My play mates won the Wykeham Rise playwrighting competition. 

My novel Marvin Piersoll won the New York Book Festival. 

I also have journalism experience—with more than 700 works of short fiction, feature articles and humor columns in the Providence Journal, Canton Journal, and Warwick Beacon.

I grew up in Providence, Rhode Island and studied writing at Brown University—where I earned a B.A. in English and an M.A. in Creative Writing and Playwrighting.

I live with my family in Canton, Massachusetts.

Would your life make a good autobiography or memoir?
Do you have a relative who has a story that must be told?
Do you have a novel you've always wanted to write?
Have you written a novel and need it adapted into a screenplay?

That's what I do for people.

For a flat fee, I will take you from a blank page to a published book available for sale worldwide—both in paperback and Kindle versions.

Typically, we would aim for a 50,000-word book—which is about 200 pages—and includes any photographs you'd like to use.

You retain complete editorial control.
You retain all rights and copyright.
You earn all royalties.
You get all the credit—you never mention in any way that I was involved.

It’s a very simple process: We talk about the book, I take a lot of notes, I write the first draft. Then we review it and make changes. Then I write draft two. Again, we review it. Then I write draft three. We review that and that is usually the final draft.

Then we go on to the final phase where I pitch the book on your behalf to literary agents—or—I self-publish the book for you on Amazon in both paperback and kindle versions.

Finally, I help you with promotion and marketing.

"The best decision I've made in the last three years was hiring you!" — my client for whom I've written and self-published two novels.

"I want you to know that I cried when I read what you wrote." — my client for whom I've written and self-published an autobiography.

"Promise me that if something were to happen to me—you'll finish this book for me." — my client for whom I wrote and self-published a memoir.